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A vigorous case sandwiched with a ground-breaking suppression of rebellion, thus ended at the same time. He Shen was the last one to leave Jinan. In addition to the eight government affairs, according to the Dezhou method, he opened up a place in Baotu Spring, Black Tiger Spring and the bank of Xiaoqing River, and sold it to the owners of coal mines and kilns in Zaozhuang area at a 20% discount of the official price. The wealthy businessmen in the south of the Yangtze River also accepted all comers and built on a large scale in the style of Qinhuai River in Nanjing. In his own words, he called it "wearing flowers to attract bees to collect honey"-Qin Lou Chu Guan Theatre, regardless of the five elements and eight works, was built by an ancient brain. At the moment, he was the "King of Jinan", and there was no one to restrain him. Ge Xiaohua, the new vassal, obeyed orders and did whatever he wanted. Some people said that he "bought furniture as soon as he saw it, which was the idea of an upstart", while others said that he was "unbearably vulgar". He did not care. He went blindly until he saved the money for relief workers and fined the officials for "maintaining honesty". These gossips were silent. Gradually, some people began to talk about his benefits. Only then did He Shen ask for a decree to send him back to Beijing. At that time, it was the spring of March, the season of duck ghosts, clear water, peach blossoms and green willows. He Shen received a letter from his younger brother and Lin on the way, saying that "the rumor is that the court's personnel have changed, and I don't know the details", and that "sister-in-law's well-being is not safe, and she is in a trance like seeing ghosts and gods". A group of sightseeing returned to Beijing and the spring breeze sent me to clean up my mind-both public and private said that there was no sentiment,Oil Dropper Bottle, along the way, apricot blossoms were like rain and flowing water, peach blossoms were like clouds burning the sky, new willows on the canal embankment were like silk caressing phoenixes swaying, red women and green men beside the post road were fragrant in spring.. All kinds of scenery, people and customs are also in the sedan chair on the horse in a hurry. When he arrived at Luheyi, it was the thirteenth day of the third month, and the official of the Ministry of Rites had been ordered to greet him as usual,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, and Lin brought a group of housekeepers to welcome him. This was the usual etiquette for the imperial envoy to return to Beijing. He could not go home first, so he asked the people of the Ministry of Rites to go back, "Please play for me, please see the emperor." As soon as he served tea and bowed to the guests, he asked Lin to come in and meet him. At this time, just after the Shen Zhengshi card, the setting sun shone down in the west, and the mottled shadows of the trees were reflected from the doorway to the curtain of the east wing, and the room was full of warm air, which was very pleasant. He Shen could not help laughing when he saw that He Lin was wearing a peacock patch and was dressed in a splendid official uniform. He had to attend the ceremony in court after the family ceremony. "Forget it," he said. "You see I haven't rubbed it enough?"? It's the same as before, except for the public gallery. Don't get this empty set. Peel off your dog skin and we'll sit and talk. He also took off his own robe and said with a smile, "I've skinned the dog, too. I'll go back if I see him tomorrow. You brought Cuiping and her maids here. What are you doing?"! -Where's my brother? How's my brother? "Hello, brother!"! Can eat the porridge of meat foam, see people is a smile, bounce legs straight want to stand up. I also told my sister-in-law that the boy didn't want to climb and was about to walk! He Lin laughed and said, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,Glass Cosmestic Containers, "It's my sister-in-law who sent Cuiping.". There is only one Liu Quan around you outside, who can wait on people with big hands and big feet? Clothes may not be washed clean! They brought new bedding and a change of clothes. You change and wash tonight, and you'll be more energetic when you see him tomorrow. He Shen was half lying in an easy chair, smiling and looking at his younger brother. The two brothers were almost the same in height and stature, and their faces, eyebrows, and eyes were similar, but he and Lin had beards and looked a little older than he and Shen, and their eyes drifted as they spoke. Not a long time later, he felt that his younger brother was much more capable than before. After listening to Helin talking about half a meal, Heshen said with a smile, "Listen to what you said. Your sister-in-law is irrelevant for a while. Haining wrote me a letter saying that he had got two pairs of bear bile, which is the best cure for nameless fever. It will be delivered these days. Eat and see.." I'm afraid that's not the only reason you're anxious for me to come back. "There must be a change in the personnel of the court." He Lin smiled and said, "This is what Chao Po-tao in the inner court said. The secret fold that Guangdong told Li Shiyao was a box. His nine-door prefect was afraid that he would lose it.". Also, "Sikuquanshu" also appointed Wang Erlie as vice president, yesterday's message, Lu saw that Lu had been locked from the Zhou brothers to Beijing to ask for punishment. Zhang Jingfang Lao Wang of the Military Department said that he was afraid that something would happen to Lord Ji. The second elder sister went to the twenty-four Wangyefu, and heard people there say that someone had leaked the information about Lu Jianzeng's house search, and that the gold and silver were hidden. She also said that the people who checked the letter were even harder than those who checked the case, and that it was as tight as a mile, which made Fu Heng's house restless. Wu Jie went over to pay her respects, and his wife came back from the Cining Palace with a look of displeasure on her face. Someone told him that Fourth Master Fu had killed and surrendered in Pingyi. He also said that Wang Yan was not dead and had fled to Taiwan. He said that Ji Yun's first wife was someone in Fu Heng's mansion. The minister did not report to the court. In short, the wind is flat on the surface and the water is swift at the bottom. "The wind is flat on the surface and the water flows fast at the bottom." He Shen chewed this sentence, "does this mean that the six departments are still calm?" "Yes.". In the six departments, I often play together, but the officials don't know anything, and the assistant ministers don't bring out the'meaning 'when they speak. I don't know what the ministers are thinking. He Shen sat up straight. Ji Yun wants to have an accident, he knows in his heart, Li Shiyao there he has also been under the rotten medicine, but these two people are not as good as others, it is Qianlong knows very well, the family is good for a long time, and with Fu Heng a layer of old fate, in the end how big things happen, all depends on Qianlong's mind.. In any case, the pool was too muddy and the bottom was too deep for him to understand at the moment. Thought, said: "You listen, the ups and downs of the official sea is the most difficult to determine, three no, do not spread rumors, do not add insult to injury, misfortune.". Look down calmly. Uh Where is Yu Minzhong? "He Lin said," No one can talk to him, and he has no close friends. When Ah Gui was talking about Yi Jian in the Military Department, he only said, 'He Shen did it right, and he brought it on himself.' Then he stopped talking. He is too deep. You don't have to think about it. He hates you in his heart. He Shen, however, did not pick up the stubble. He was silent for a while and said, "You go back first.". Tell your sister-in-law, and Aunt Wu, don't open your mouth to welcome me. A small banquet for one's own family. If an outsider doesn't call and someone comes to join in the fun,Amber Dropper Bottles, it will be postponed until the day after tomorrow. "Many people have come home several times, and they will definitely come again tomorrow." He Lin stood up and said. Just say I'm sick. "That's even worse. Will you see them with a doctor?" "Just say you're too busy with your official duties and talk about it later." "Some people are very good friends, I'm sorry." "Excuse me!"! Say it like that! 。 penghuangbottle.com

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